Free Spry Widget Design Templates

The Cōdify Design Studio team has created a series of widget designs that you can download and customize for your own web projects. The assets include modified HTML and CSS files that are specifically developed to work with the presliced Photoshop files.

For quick and easy customization, simply update the PSD files in either Photoshop or Fireworks, and export the slices to the CodifyAssets folder. If you’re a more advanced user, feel free to modify the slice structure, HTML, and CSS files to achieve any design configuration your project requires.

Download 7 free Spry widget templates, complete with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and pre-sliced Photoshop files.

Although it is fast and easy to add widgets in Dreamweaver using the Insert panel, some design techniques require some customization of the HTML and CSS files. In the following video, we walk you through the assets provided at the MAX 2009 conference session, as well as a brief description of the specific HTML and CSS elements that were modified in each Spry widget of the Adobe MAX theme.

Click here to watch a video and download the files from Adobe DevNet.

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